The Brief

The Saucer & Cup is a small café located in Wimbledon, London.

It quickly became my favourite café and during my stays I got to know the owner Lee - a passionate Barista and entrepreneur dedicated to create the best coffee possible. One day he asked me to create a Logo for the coffeeshop incorporating their values - Simplicity, Perfection and Integrity.


Insipired by the essence of coffe - the plant

When I researched the competition all of them used the coffee mug or the coffee bean.
To differentiate and further communicate how dedicated Lee is to source the perfect coffe beans directly from the plantations we used the coffee plant for the Logo


Solid geometry that will last for a long time

Inspired by Lee's strive for perfection in his coffeshop, I put the same amount of effort in creating the geometry behind the logo.
Every element has been placed on a very strict grid to give a sense of calm and balance.


I created a pattern inspired by grinded coffe

It was used to create a visual connection between the different brand elements like mugs, menus, packaging and bags

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